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Write Your TEDx Talk. Hone Your Voice. Get Booked.

From developing your big idea to providing the tools to get to the big stage, this course has you covered. Whether you're seeking to get your message out to the world, looking to elevate your business, or just craft a keynote speech this masterclass is for you.

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Your Success Path







As a busy entrepreneur, artist, educator, author or just someone with an amazing story to share with the world, you don't always have time for trial and error. 

The TEDx Masterclass is designed to give you clarity on what to do next and keep you from getting overwhelmed, and our unique approach allows you to produce excellence in a supportive environment. 

When you sign up we will give you tangible steps and personalized guidance to start developing and booking your talk today. 


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Your Coaches

Cesar Cervantes

Cesar has 20 years of experience in stage craft, speaking and creative performance. He is a two-time TEDx speaker, a speaker coach for TEDxCOS, Comedy Central alum and taught in the theatre department at Colorado College. But, nothing brings him greater joy than coaching and teaching others to hit the stage with passion and purpose. 

Sarah Tierney Hinkle

Sarah currently serves as the Director of Speech and Debate at Colorado College, taking her teams to multiple national titles. She received her B.S. in Education in Theatre Arts and her M.A. in Curriculum Instruction. As a speaker coach, she has been instrumental in coaching speakers to the TEDx stage.

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What You Get


Speech Templates & TEDx Submission List

Follow our strategies and use our speech templates to write a killer talk true to the TED form. Once your speech is ready, you will get personalized feedback. Additionally, you'll receive the TEDx Submission list full of TEDx sites looking for speakers now. 

Course & Coaching Calls

6 weeks of live support and masterclass course content, delivered every week, means you'll always get the assistance you need, when you need it. Can't attend live? No worries, they're recorded. If you need more time, no problem, you can join the calls for as long as you need. 

Private Facebook Group

Find ideas and insights from others in the masterclass, hear from a TEDx speaker with over 8 million views, a TEDx curator/organizer and more. Get your questions answered in real time and connect with partners who can support you.

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TEDx Masterclass

Course Content


Week 1

Your "Big Idea"

Follow our strategies and use our speech templates to write the right talk for the right audience that will impact them the way you want. And once your speech is ready, you will get personalized feedback on your delivery. 

Week 2

The Throughline

What's a throughline? Think of it as the thesis of your talk. It's what  you want your audience to have an unambiguous understanding of. All talks must have one and in week 2 you'll write yours. 

Week 3 

Vision Building

This week you will develop the body of your speech. This is where you build the problem you're solving, the solutions and ultimately your vision. 


Week 4

Close with Power

This week you will write the close of your speech. This is the mic drop moment. The call to action. Where it all comes together and your throughline is fully realized.

Week 5

Start Strong

Once the rest of your speech is written, now you'll write your intro. You'll bring an attention getter right out of the gate that leads them toward your vision.

Week 6

TEDx Application & Presentation

This week we dig into completing your TEDx applications, so that they stand out to TEDx organizers and curators. And you'll deliver a draft of your talk to the class. 

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On February 10th:

Receive your first coaching call and first assignment to get started!

You'll join our exclusive community of aspiring TEDx speakers where questions are being asked and answered and connections are being made.

Every week, excluding US holidays: 1 hr+ weekly coaching + Q&A

Plus, special events and speakers yet to be announced!

Seats are limited. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Are People Saying?

Pia Silva

"As a coach, Cesar helped me transform my talk into something I'm truly proud of. And after all the hard work, it was just released by TEDx Colorado Springs!" 

Zak Kroger

"Cesar and Sarah are amazing coaches, they know how to hold your attention and provide the necessary tools to take action. It was so good!"

Mallori DeSalle

"I couldn't have done it without Cesar & Sarah. The Masterclass brought my talk to life and helped me land the TEDx talk. It just went live this month!"
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Standard Price $997

Early Bird Price $499

On Feb 9, 2021, the price for this masterclass will go to $997, but until then you can get it for 50% off. 

If you've been trying to make progress toward writing and landing your first TEDx talk, this is the program that will help you get there, and now is the time to make it happen.

If not now, when?

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