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Starting at the age of 19, Cesar was a stand-up comedian and actor featured on Comedy Central and in Hollywood films. But after more than a decade of laughs, he realized he wanted to connect on a deeper level with his audience. He found that nothing gave him greater joy than helping others get to the stage of their dreams. Now, as a presentation coach, he helps people deliver their message on global stages, at work or big event. You can watch all three of his TEDx talks featured on the TED platform.

Bring Cesar to Speak

Perfect for conferences, trainings and fundraisers. 

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Team Workshops

Go deeper and help your team connect, grow and de-stress.

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Online Course

TEDx Mini Workshop

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TEDx Mentorship

Land, deliver and promote your first TEDx talk. We take your idea and give it wings. Our creative team transforms what's in your heart and mind and puts it into words after only one session. We make good ideas, great and amplify your voice on a global stage. Join us!

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Connection Correction: The Team-Builder

Teams that build deep connections with one another enjoy greater productivity and less turnover. If you have new employees joining your team, need to boost morale, or enhance communication, Cesar brings strategic activities that will increase group connection, engagement, self-care and leverage humor to your advantage.

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