The Beginning  

This is the first known footage of me getting a laugh.  See, that sweater is not meant to be worn on my head.  Get it?  No?  Well my dad was amused.  In hindsight, humor was how I related to my father.  And somewhere along the way, comedy became a part of me, but more importantly, it became a tool for creating connection. 

The Middle 

Before I graduated college I was traveling the world on MWR tours performing comedy. I visited military bases in Bahrain, Iraq, Afghanistan and Northeast Africa. I was on Comedy Central's Open Mic Fight and appeared in the movie Line Of Duty. About 10 years into my comedy career I no longer felt the connection that drew me in originally. I knew something else was calling...


After a quick detour to complete a graduate degree, fall in love, get married, become a college administrator, teach in the theatre department at Colorado College, teach community comedy classes, give two TEDx talks, and become a father, I launched my business: GoodOne. I help people create deep connections with their team and their audience, and I couldn't be happier. The end.

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