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Hi, It's Cesar!

If you’re feeling brave, you can say my name in a proper Mexican accent, like this: SEH-sahr. I also accept SEE·zr, as in Caesar salad, but never SAY·zar; that’s just weird. I’m a speaker coach and speechwriter based in Houston, TX.

I help changemakers like you deliver your message in a way that makes your audience feel something, lean in, and take action.

I started my journey as a stand-up comedian. I was featured on Comedy Central and in movies like Line of Duty. After that, I taught comedy classes in the theatre department at Colorado College and then became a professional speaker focused on helping people develop deeper connections with their audience. I delivered three TEDx Talks and started getting requests to help others do the same. That’s how Top Talks was born. I’m an avid tennis player. I love my family (even more than I love Thai food). And I’ll be telling dad jokes until my very last breath.


TEDx Talks Landed.


Views and counting.


Cesar is a 3x TEDx Speaker.


100% of 1:1 clients have landed their TEDx talk


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Kelly Casperson

TEDx Editor’s Pick |   Over 175k views

Physician. Sexpert.

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Maiysha Clairborne

NLP Trainer

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Ruben Conzalez

Over 1 million views

4X Olympian | WSJ & USA Today Bestselling Author

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Sarah Aviram

Elevated to the TED platform | TED Talk of the Day | TEDx Editor’s Pick Over 300k views

HR Leader | Author

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Karleen Savage

TEDx Editor’s Pick |   Over 150k views

Hostage Negotiator

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Steven Hayward

TEDx Editor’s Pick

English Professor | Author

Download Free Master List


Download Free Master List


Download Free Master List


Liz Aguirre

Cesar helped me understand exactly what is being looked for when you apply for a TED Talk... it saved me so much time, and it helped me understand exactly what I needed to do to land my talk.

Marianne Renner

This probably is one of my favorite experiences. It’s been really really powerful, like really moving for me. Thank you so much for allowing me to get my message out there”

Ruben Gonzalez

Being an athlete, I automatically look for the coach... When I found out about Caesar, I didn't waste any time. He showed me how to make the most of my 15 minutes and how to tailor a talk. Thanks to his help, we've got a million views already.

Heather Browne

I was in the exact same place a little bit over a year ago... I don't so much want to spend the time figuring out how to do a TEDx. So, when he offered, I joined his program, and it covered everything. I'm about to do my first TEDx.

Karen Holman McFarlane

Cesar was my coach for two TED Talks, and he really leveled up my speaking. He allowed me to bring my story to the forefront and tell it well. The number of views for my second and third TED Talks have gone way up beyond my first one. Caesar was there the whole way in so many ways as a speaker coach and as really a life coach when I was getting stuck.

Haydee Acebo

With Cesar's help, I delivered two different TEDx Talks, and he gave me all the necessary tools to submit a successful application package. He helped me craft my message, write scripts, create the application videos, and even helped me write my talks. Above all, Caesar was with me every step along the way, and that made me feel so special and so confident.

Tia Graham

I highly recommend working with Caesar for your TEDx Talks. He is a true partner, so caring, an expert in what he does, and is just awesome to work with. I have recommended so many people to Caesar. When anyone asks how'd you do your TED Talk, I say just work with Caesar.

Sarah Pospos

Caesar is so knowledgeable on all things TED. He's able to fine-tune my idea and really translate it to what the TED team is looking for. We had fun watching a lot of TED Talk Classics and really broke down the various strategies that the speakers are using. Working one-on-one with Caesar to really implement all this knowledge and strategies into my own talk was one of my favorite parts.