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Teams that build deep connections with one another enjoy greater productivity and less turnover. If you have new employees joining your team, need to boost morale, or enhance communication, I’ll work with you to develop strategic activities that will increase group connection and engagement. We will also work on self-care and using story to our advantage.

Duration: 2- 4 hours

Webinar: 1.5 hrs

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Hilary Bridges

Kid's Crossing

"Cesar's workshop was an absolute blast full of laughs, tears, connection, and inspiration! He really took the time to tailor fit the program for the needs of our counseling staff. We will absolutely be inviting him back."

Jessica Allison

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

“Cesar is funny, plain and simple. Put him on stage to speak and his natural levity makes even heavy subject matters accessible. Belly-laughs are certain and a few heart strings will be pulled.”

Zach Kroger

Colorado College

"Cesar brings insight, wisdom, compassion and good humor to his speaking. He clearly understands his audience, knows how to hold their attention, and provides the tools to take action. It was so good!"

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